Understand, identify and treat mold exposure in your home and office!

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Understand, identify and treat mold exposure in your home and office!

Discover types of common mold organisms and their characteristics, where and how mold grows and the symptoms of mold exposure. Find out how you can test for and remediate it in your environment! Receive 10% off your order, plus receive a free printed poster version of Mold and Your Health! Use coupon code: Mold?20.

Mold can deeply affect your health — helping you find it and identify how it might be affecting you is our goal at ImmunoLytics.

Our mold test kit paired with our professional laboratory analysis can identify 50 genera of mold, accounting for 37,000 species, as well as the presence of bacteria and Candida in your home, office, vehicle or on your pets.

Besides being comprehensive, the ImmunoLytics mold test kit is completely customizable to test all the places in which you live and work. By pinpointing the type(s) of mold in your environment, you discover the potential health effects specific to that mold and also gain insight as to how to remove it.

As environmentally acquired illness (EAI) becomes mainstream in the lexicon of the medical field, our network of physicians and clinicians continues to grow, expanding our understanding of the effects and successful treatment of mold exposure throughout the United States and the world.

Our laboratory team is dedicated to assisting medical professionals in testing, analyzing and interpreting mold analysis results in order to formulate an effective treatment plan for their patients. We also offer FREE consultation with every analysis!